Why RuPouch?

Simply put, we are a happy family always on the go who got tired of keeping up with our cell phones. So we developed an alternative to a cell phone case.


Haven’t carried a wallet in six months. – James
It’s the best thing for keeping up with my phone. It was like having an extra hand to hold my phone. – Mrs. Glenda.
My grandparents gave me the RuPouch as a gift for the beach. It was the best thing ever! ~ Jack.
Great for trips. – Carrigan family.
It works great when at the gym using the weight lifting machines and treadmill/elliptical. – Monica.
Recently went to Bahamas. It was great for getting through security and going throughout the ship and on excursions without having to worry about keeping up with my room key or cell phone. – Lorraine.
Went deer hunting and drove my 4-wheeler. Had my hunting license, ID, credit card, and cell phone in my pouch. I just threw it over my shoulder. It was The best thing ever. Don’t know what I did without it. ~ Mark.
It worked great on the plane. It didn’t even count as a personal item or carry on-bag because it was so small. ~ John.
I enjoyed it when walking the dog. – Jane.